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Saint Patrick's Cathedral Armagh
The See of Armagh was originally founded by St. Patrick, about the year of 457,
and is the primatial see of all Ireland.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral Dublin
Built to honour Saint Patrick, the Cathedral stands adjacent to a well where
tradition has it Saint Patrick baptised converts on his visit to Dublin.

All you need to know about Ireland’s most famous heritage site, located on the
banks of the Boyne, also includes information on other prehistoric sites in the area.

Hill of Tara
The ancient seat of the High King of Ireland with a long history in pagan Ireland.
St. Patrick is said to have converted King Laoghaire here which was a major
turning point in Ireland’s conversion to Christianity.

Battle of the Boyne
The Battle of the Boyne was fought in 1690 between Catholic King James and
Protestant King William on opposing sides of the River Boyne at Oldbridge,
where there is a visitor’s centre today.

Louth - Land of Legends
History, myth, legends, fun and adventure - Louth has it all! Louth is 20 minutes from Dublin airport and boasts long sandy beaches, vibrant towns and legendary
and historic sites. Be inspired by thousands of years of history, myth and legend..

Comprehensive website full of information on everything to do in County Meath including accommodation and sight seeing.

One-stop resource for everything a tourist needs to know about Drogheda.

Mellifont Abbey
The first Cistercian monastery in Ireland founded in 1142 by St Malachy of Armagh,
lies 10km north west of Drogheda.

Monasterboice Monastic Site
Founded by St. Buithe in 520AD, a follower of St. Patrick, Monasterboice monastic
site includes ruins of a large cemetery, two churches, a round tower and two
impressive high crosses.

Millmount Fort
Millmount Fort dominates the skyline of Drogheda and is also prominent in its
history, most notably in the resistance of Cromwell during his siege of the town
in 1649.

Dublin's Fair City
website full of great information about Dublin 's Fair City from the tourist's perspective.




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