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All correspondence should be forwarded to:

Ms Jayne O'Brien
St Patrick's Day Parade Committee
149 Brookville
Co Louth

Tel. 087 756 1518




The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, Drogheda, dates back to the 19th Century. Over
the years, many people have organised the parade. In the 1980’s, the Drogheda
Brass Band wished to pass on the parade to a new committee. Frank Godfrey
was the founder member of the said committee. He invited Isabel Sanroma,
Phil Conyngham and twelve other people, many of whom are now deceased, RIP.

Our parade, over the years, has grown from strength to strength. We have had
many special moments, lots of laughter, and, of course, sometimes we have lost
good friends who hold a special place in my heart. We attract huge crowds on to
the streets of Drogheda every year.

it’s going to be spectacular!






Director of Parade: Isabel Sanroma - 0871301398
Chairperson : Anthony Lynch - 0868445018
Vice Chairperson: Liam Raey - 0861546569
Hon. Secretary: Jayne O'Brien - 0877561518
Joint Treasurer: Dessie Lynch - 0877426723
Safety Officer: Anthony Lynch - 0868445018, William Mahony - 0877755638
Committee Member: Phil Conyngham - 0868123310




  Grand Marshalls    

1988 Frank Godfrey
1989 Joey Maher
1990 Joey Maher
1991 Joey Maher
1992 Joey Maher
1993 Danny McEvoy
1994 Frank Godfrey
1995 Mary Kate Godfrey
1996 Jim Kelly
1997 Frank Godfrey
1998 Rev. Michael Graham
1999 Peggy O'Reilly
2000 Tony 'Socks' Byrne
2001 No Parade (Foot & Mouth Disease)
2002 Sr Rosaleen Evans M.M.M.
2003 Jimmy Gradwell

2004 Damien McKenna
2005 Madge Devitt
2006 Charlie Hurley
2007 Isabel Lynch Sanroma
2008 Jack O'Shea and All Stars
2009 Eamonn Campbell
2010 Oliver Murphy
2011 Peter Moroney
2012 Edward Kennedy
2013 Mary Duff
2014 Thomas McCague
2015 Pat Hanratty
2016 Siobhan Woods
2017 Brendan Fay
2018 Lolo Robinson



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